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About Us


STAC Manufacturing opened it's doors in 2011 with one machine, making small parts for the Oil & Gas sector.

Many years and 8 machines later, we have grown.  Through acquisitions and partnerships, we have have increased our capabilities. We are more than just a machine shop. We can handle your entire project, turn-key.

What We Offer

In addition to our production machining and turn-key manufacturing options, we have found that many times, companies deal with the high cost of developing new tools or processes. Because of this we offer machining consultation, where during the R & D process we work with engineering teams to produce parts that are not only functional, but also cost effective to produce.

We have working relationships with many suppliers and are able to provide quoting for parts with a wide array of coatings and heat treatments, such as:

 - Phosphate

 - Liquid and gas nitriding (with and without post oxide (FNC))

 - High and mid phosphate nickel coatings

 - HVOF and Flame spray hardfacing

 - Anodizing

 - And many more...

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